Stevn Thomas


Stevn is an award winning visual communications specialist coming from a diversified background as hairdresser / makeup artist, photographer, stylist, graphic artist, with expertise in marketing and brand development with over 25 years of experience in the cosmetics industry.


Stevn Thomas


LOVEINC. International
Corso Cavour,27
25121, Brescia Italy

Tel/fax: +39 030.3371719
Mobile: +39 3274975001


25 Years Experience

Creative artistic director
Hair designer / stylist
Make-up artist
Post-production artist
Graphic artist
Motivational speaker
Production stylist
Television celebrity fashion stylist china
Production coordinator
Marketing strategist
Market development
Product development

International Awards

“Starch Award” for best beauty images
“Ace of the Trade” award New York
“1st Première Group Europe” for best artistic direction
“World Master Award” by the Arts & Fashion Group International
Over one hundred international magazine covers
Hundreds of beauty and fashion editorials
More than fifteen international corporate collaborations

Skills and Experience

Hair Designer & Stylist
Makeup artist
Spokes person, presenter and platform artist
Post-production Artist
Production management
Casting, location and styling coordinator
Educational content coordinator
Graphic artist
Packaging development
Product formulation, development and testing
Creative & Artistic direction for multi media productions
Distributor relations
Creative & Artistic direction
Social-Media creative content coordination and development

LOVEINC./Corso Cavour 27 - 25121/ Brescia - Italy / Tel: +39 030.337.17.19 / Tel: +39 327.497.500.1 / / PRIVACY