Brand & Product Concept Development

It’s a matter of taste… our networks of selected partnerships produce for hundreds of brands worldwide. All with unique R&D laboratories that we like to call “Cosmetic Kitchens” comprising designer “cosmetic chefs” each with their specific personality, style and flavor and we bring it all together for you.

Product Design

To create your truly unique project a collection of talent comes together for a truly unrepeatable creative fusion… everything is controlled from a single source, starting from the first idea, the development, formulation, tooling and prototyping, series production, including quality management all the way to consignment, we take the weight off your shoulders.


All formulations are developed with professionalism and confidentiality, we work closely together with universities and specialist laboratories to carry out sensory, pleasantness and tolerability tests, stability, challenge and patch tests. We continuously review top quality, cutting-edge raw materials, which we select on the basis of their performance effectiveness, toxicological profile and skin tolerability.

Your Brand

Choose From Over A Hundred Existing Hair & Skin Care Formulas Or 

Work Closely With A Team Of Designers & Researchers 

To Create Your Own Exclusive Product Formula.

Private Label Contract Manufacturing

Private label products are tailor-made exclusively with and for you, to be sold under your brand name label. Our private label mission will reflect the ethos, values and aspirations of your brand and support it in every way with the aim to give it a unique selling proposition (USP). Private label requires upfront acquisition of packaging componentry and higher minimum quantity orders of finished goods.

White Label Contract Development

A valid option for smaller start-up cosmetic brands is White Label. You select from a multitude of our favorite, most successful, tested and proven cosmetic formulations that are produced in bulk and governed by the same strict regulations as any other product. White label products allow you to start your own line very quickly and with relatively low investment… lower minimum order quantities, generous pre-selected personalization options and expedited speed to market.

Marketing Communication & Image Support

We adore creating fabulous products and we love to get involved with the image and communications that help you express your dream product and or brand. Have fun with us in the creation of your special and unique brand style and image:


Photographic / Video Productions

Graphics And Artwork Development

Packaging Design

Assistance With Online Media Content

Assistance With Product informational Content



The truest measurement of a successful event comes down to engagement whether it’s face-to-face or virtual. As sosiety increasingly relys on technology, marketers can maximize engagement and create unique virtual and live events that present incentive offerings and provide a great brand experience with the digital and/or live engagement your clients crave.

We can assist you with LIVE / DIGITAL:




Trade Fairs

Fashion / Beauty Shows

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