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We offer a wide range of solutions, product concepts and formulas for hair, scalp and skin in our advanced manufacturing facilities.
Two of our key strengths Is FLEXIBILITY and SPEED TO ACTION.
Our clients are partners and participate in the entire process from Beginning to End.
The end is not when the product is complete,
the end is when the product is a success!


The World Needs Happier People!
Our mission is to have fun creating feel good cosmetic products, programs and services with the purpose of promoting an ever-increasing state of wellbeing, resulting in joyous expressions of personal beauty.

Constant exchange, empathy and compassion gives rise to innovation and creativity that will positively influence the world every day.

Lets create a chain reaction of love… Together

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Our Branding Concept

A Better Approach To Product & Brand Development 

COCREATE: from R&D to C&D


We connect you to a multitude of sources for new ideas thanks to over 35 years of experience behind the scenes in the cosmetics industry. 

We explore, screen, select and connect… unique, avantgard, qualified and transparent R&D laboratories, raw material producers, packaging suppliers, specialized manufactures, marketing, image and communication talents… to be able to compose the ideal team of expertise for the creation of your special and exclusive products and brands. 

Areas Of Competence: Professional Hair & Skin Care, Personal Care & Toiletries

Brand & Image Development

Our networks are the platform for the activities that, together, constitute the connect-and-develop strategy… no source of ideas is off-limits.


We constantly research international sociological trends to anticipate which consumer needs, when satisfied, will drive a brands’ growth. We then translate these needs into briefs proposing challenges to solve and then we grid” to find solutions.

Co-created assets arise in the form of personalized, unique experiences for the customer (value perceived, value-in-use) that generates loyalty, positive relationships and customer word of mouth.

Discover our Approach To:

  • Brand & Product Concept Development

  • Product Design 

  • Private Label & White Label Contract Manufacturing

  • Marketing Communication & Image Support

  • Personalized Events & Promotions

  • Identifying Relevant Adjacencies

Beauty Culture

DIFFERENTIATION BY EXPERIENCE is what will set your brand apart from the competition and it is this concept that motivates our creative, original yet practical strategies.

We look beyond traditional pricing factors to consider the value of the transformation that the experience offers.

Experiences and transformations are the basis for future economic evolution.

Conscious responsible experience cosmetics that spread the light of love, manifest beauty and goodness.


We at LOVEINC are searching the globe for modern beauty solutions that we will make available to the beauty professionals through our online beauty store!